Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Poorly Photoshopped Tribute to George Romero and Rick Sebak

I don’t have much of an attention span these days, but there are two things I can binge-watch despite my adult-onset A.D.D.: George Romero movies and Rick Sebak documentaries.

My dad let me watch “Night of the Living Dead” when I was 7 years old. It captivated me … and not just because it starred flesh-eating monsters! I was awed by the fact that George filmed it in Pittsburgh with a cast and crew of Pittsburghers; people who looked and – especially – sounded like my friends and family members!

When Sheriff McClelland says, “OK! He’s dead! Let’s go get ‘em! That’s another one for the fire!” I squealed with delight because he pronounced the word fire “fahr,” just like my dad did!

That flick gave me my first sense of hometown pride and brought the magic of Hollywood to my backyard!

Rick Sebak’s shows do the same thing for me! I’ve learned so much about the city through his Pittsburgh History Series. He peels away the gritty, industrial exterior of this place to reveal layer after layer of fascinating people, places and things! He even profiled George in a 1991 documentary!

When I’m watching “Night of the Living Dead” or “Kennywood Memories,” I truly do bleed black and gold … and Bosco chocolate syrup.

So, as a tribute to George and Rick, who, along with Mister Rogers, make up my Steel City Holy Trinity, I’ve reimagined some Sebak documentaries as horror movies:



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