Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cat Treats

Over the course of our relationship, one of Nate's many gripes is that I don't bake. Every night, after barely stomaching a home-microwaved meal, he asks, "Is there dessert?"

I usually point (with my middle finger) to the sugar bowl.

But, not tonight, y'all! I baked! Cookies!

See? There was mixing and measuring and cutting and swearing and even a real oven involved!

Another complaint I often hear -- and this one I'm actually in agreement with -- is that Hobbes isn't sweet. Well, now he is!

Lucky Nate got a whole litter of these red-eyed bastards. I didn't give them mouths, so they'd be unable to bite back.

And tasty, too! It felt so good to bite that little fucker's head off.

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